This really is a tape with a story!

Every April first, our R&D group releases an April Fool's Day (AFD) tool, and the Story Tape is the seventh such tool we've designed. This year though, we've gone ahead with a small production run, and have made the tool available (while quantities last).

When working on the AFD tool, we have a set of rules that we must follow:

1) The tool must be somewhat credible;
2) We must actually make the tool;
3) It must function as we say it does.

While the Story Tape can be used as described, the utility is a wee bit overstated. Nonetheless, it still makes a good gift, and is a tool you can have a bit of fun with.

Who knows — you may even find it will eventually solve a problem that you can't solve with another tool.

You can read the original product write-up as released on April 1, 2010, here. To see previous AFD tools, use the item search function, and search for “AFD”.
Story Tape, 12'
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