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A. Mini-Bubblers

This adjustable piece is used for quickly soaking a small area. Turning the cap on top adjusts the flow rate. Attaches to 1/4" feeder line coming off a header hose.

B. to E. Shrubbler® Spikes & Barbs
An industry standard in commercial irrigation, Shrubbler sprayers provide 360° coverage, with eight streams radiating out from the emitter head.

The regular Shrubbler (item B) has a twist-operated valve in the head, so you can set throw distance and flow rate (0 to 13 gph at 30 psi) for each emitter independently, based on local watering needs. At low settings, it irrigates a small radius like a tiny sprinkler or drip tip. At higher flow rates, water reaches farther, up to 3' in diameter. (Also available as part of a pre-designed kit, our #XC350). The regular Shrubbler is available with a spike or a barbed base. The spike-based Shrubbler is held in place on a built-in ground stake, and attaches to a 1/4" feeder line coming off a header hose.

The barbed Shrubbler (item C) has a 3/8" long stem that press-fits into a hole punched into a feeder line. We also offer a non-adjustable pressure-compensating Shrubbler (item D, with spike base only) that emits a consistent 1' throw, useful wherever rising and falling elevations or a long header hose could affect pressure.

The in-line Shrubbler (item E) has the same adjustable watering pattern as the regular Shrubbler, but is designed to be installed in series. Each has an inlet port and an outlet port, allowing water to flow to other Shrubbler sprayers further down the line. Up to six emitters can be linked consecutively to a single 1/4" feeder line coming off a header hose. A great way to water large containers or rows requiring several emitters, without having to run multiple feeder lines.

F. Spectrum™ Spikes

This is one of the most popular low-volume sprayers on the market. It gives a full-circle vortex spray of fine water droplets. The flow is fully adjustable by turning the cap. Attaches to a 1/4" feeder line coming off a header hose.

G. Misting Jets
A standard mist tip with no flow control. Must be mounted directly to the header hose or to a rigid riser (item O) and support stake (item P) and attached to header hose with 1/4" feeder line and a connector.
H. Variable-Flow Misters
Misting is great for propagating cuttings, starting seedlings, or very gently watering almost any plant. It's also a perfect way to cool off on hot days. This misting tip has a variable-flow control knob so the cone-shaped spray on each tip can be individually adjusted as needed. Attaches to header hose, risers or 1/4" feeder lines coming off a header hose. When hung upside down from a feeder tube or rigid riser, it is an ideal non-eroding way to water a hanging basket.

J. & K. Variable Sprayers
These sprayers have variable-flow control knobs on them to vary the throw and flow. Must be mounted on a rigid riser (item O) and support stake (item P) or attached directly to the header hose. These sprayers are included with the fence-mount sprinkler kit (our #XB820).


L. to N. Spray Jets
These three styles of low-cost sprayers can be installed directly to the header hose or to a rigid riser (item O) and support stake (item P). Offered in three styles: quarter circle, half circle and full circle.
O. & P. Risers and Support Stakes
The 12" long rigid riser is a 1/4" inside diameter semi-rigid tube that is used to hold sprayers and sprinklers in position above the ground. Attaches to the side of either size of support stake. Risers and stakes are made of UV-stabilized materials for long life.

To view or print the Irrigation Design Guide click this link.

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A. Mini-Bubblers, pkg. of 5
XC417 Additional views Accessories Technical Information 
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B. Reg. Shrubbler® Spikes, pkg. of 5
XC346 Additional views   
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  Reg. Shrubbler® Spikes, pkg. of 25
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C. Shrubbler® Barbs, pkg. of 5
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D. Pressure-Compensating Shrubbler® Spikes, pkg. of 5
XC360 Additional views   
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E. In-Line Shrubbler® Spikes,
pkg. of 6

XC362 Additional views   
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F. Spectrum™ Spikes, pkg. of 5
XC421 Additional views   
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G. Misting Jets, pkg. of 5
XC415 Additional views   
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H. Variable Flow Misters, pkg. of 5
XC423 Additional views   
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J. Quarter-Circle Sprayers, pkg. of 2
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K. Half-Circle Sprayers, pkg. of 5
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L. Quarter-Circle Jets, pkg. of 5
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M. Half-Circle Jets, pkg. of 5
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N. Full-Circle Jets, pkg. of 5
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O. 12" Rigid Risers, pkg. of 5
XC443 Additional views   
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P. 12" Support Stakes, pkg. of 5
XC441 Additional views   
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  21" Support Stakes, pkg. of 5
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  Free Irrigation Design Guide
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