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Combining sturdy shelf supports and various multi-purpose hangers, this is a versatile wall-mount storage system. The shelf brackets key into the double-slotted wall standards, letting you change their height and spacing as needed. The hooks and strap bracket can be mounted independently on studs or hung on hang rails, allowing them to be easily repositioned. Because all the shelf brackets and hangers are movable, you can customize your storage area, not just once, but whenever the urge to reorganize strikes. 

The 48" or 78" standards (item A) mount directly to a wall or, using the standard links (item B, sold separately), can be variably spaced (not necessarily on stud centers) from the hang rails. The 48" and 78" USA-made standards mount with six and nine screws, respectively. A package of six 2" wall-standard steel screws and six plastic concrete anchors is available separately. Double-walled for strength, the shelf brackets (items G-K) interlock with the standards and are available in four lengths.

The 48" hang rail (item D) is used to suspend standards or to hang the hooks and strap bracket. It can be mounted in two ways, either directly to a wall, or combined with hang rail adapters (item C) for mounting to the front of a standard. Hang rail requires a minimum of four mounting screws; package of eight 1-1/4" hang rail steel screws is available separately.

The hooks and strap bracket mount to the hang rail and lock securely in position with a plastic latch; they can also be independently bolted to a stud. Formed from 0.35" diameter solid steel rod, each hook is sheathed in an anti-slip non-marring rubber compound. For unobtrusive vertical storage, the bike hook (item L) is designed to hang a bicycle from its front wheel (for use with spoked wheels with rims up to 1-3/4" wide). The pivoting long-handle hook (item M) projects 3" and holds rakes, brooms and other tools with long handles up to 1-1/4" in diameter. The strap bracket (item N) has a 30" adjustable woven polyester belt to cinch around bulky items such as seasonal-use tires. The versatile single hook (item O) projects 8" to hold tools, sports equipment or other items with a convenient loop or hang hole. The 9" double hook (item P) is great for hanging string trimmers, chain saws, or other large tools. Projecting about 8-1/2", the loop hook (item Q) supports coiled hoses, extension cords, and tires.

Load capacity of each component (where applicable) is listed in pounds in the price lines below (for the pair of standard links, the capacity stated is for both links used together).

1+ 6+
A.  48" Standard
 17K42.48 Additional views   
  $9.80   $9.00 Add to cartOnline: Available
  78" Standard
  $18.20   $16.70 Add to cartOnline: Available
B.  Standard Link, pr. (900 lb)
  $7.00   $6.40 Add to cartOnline: Available
C.  Hang Rail Adapter, pr. (100 lb)
  $8.40   $7.70 Add to cartOnline: Available
D.  48" Hang Rail (1800 lb)
  $17.20   $15.80 Add to cartOnline: Available
E.  Wall-Standard Screws, pkg. of 6
  $9.00   $8.25 Add to cartOnline: Available
F.  Hang Rail Screws, pkg. of 8
  $2.90   $2.65 Add to cartOnline: Available
G.  10-1/2" Bracket (150 lb)
  $4.90   $4.50 Add to cartOnline: Available
H.  14-1/2" Bracket (200 lb)
  $5.80   $5.30 Add to cartOnline: Available
J.  18-1/2" Bracket (200 lb)
  $7.90   $7.25 Add to cartOnline: Available
K.  24" Bracket (200 lb)
  $10.00   $9.20 Add to cartOnline: Available
L.  Bike Hook (50 lb)
  $8.40   $7.70 Add to cartOnline: Available
M.  Long-Handle Hook (50 lb)
 17K42.03 Additional views   
  $9.40   $8.60 Add to cartOnline: Available
N.  Strap Bracket (50 lb)
  $9.40   $8.60 Add to cartOnline: Available
O.  Single Hook (25 lb)
  $8.40   $7.70 Add to cartOnline: Available
P.  Double Hook (50 lb)
  $9.40   $8.60 Add to cartOnline: Available
Q.  Loop Hook (50 lb)
 17K42.04 Additional views   
  $10.00   $9.20 Add to cartOnline: Available

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