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1980/81 Catalog Cover   1980/81 Woodworking Customer Letter
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Dear Customer,

Among many suggestions and queries we have received in the last year, there are certain recurring topics. One of these is our shipping policy. We charge a flat shipping and handling fee according to order value whether the order is for a diamond glass cutter or a gallon of glue. The glass cutter costs less to send than the glue but the charge is the same. The reason for this is efficiency. We could put product weights in the descriptions and have you calculate precise shipping costs for your postal code. This is an inefficient system and prone to error. It also increases our printing costs and staff checking costs which in turn would have to be built into product costs. In addition, we use an overnight delivery system for all nearby customers (between Sudbury and Montreal) so while they pay the same shipping costs as a customer much further away, they also get much faster delivery. Finally, when we get an order for a high value, low weight item (such as a glass cutter) we send it by first class mail rather than parcel post or Canpar. In any event, we don't make any money on our shipping and handling. If you paid too much, someone else paid too little. Be charitable; he's a fellow woodworker.

Another favorite subject is out-of-production tools. We have had requests for hollow augers, pit saws, half twist dovetail saws, left handed skilsaws, pocket scythe anvils (we found one in Austria and sent it to the fellow!) and solid nose augers among other things. We can't promise to supply but we don't mind looking. Vote for your favorite tool and if we see sufficient demand for a product to warrant tooling costs, we will bring it back on the market.

Prices. They seem to go only one direction. We will hold the prices in this catalogue until some time in 1981. We would like to be able to hold them for a year at a time but inflation causes steady upward pressure on all our prices. We are continuously looking for alternatives on tools we feel to be overpriced (the Sharpenset for example) but the range of top quality tools in the world is not that great and we would rather have complaints on price than on quality. As many of you know, tools are a good investment but only the good ones appreciate in value.

Finally, our thanks to those of you who write the cheerful letters. They are passed around the office to brighten everybody's day. If we could afford the space, I would like to reprint a selection of the best of them; from the United Church minister who feels that we tempt the weaker of his brethren with our colour photographs, to Cormac Sweeney of St. Johns, Newfoundland, who regularly showers us with Irish blandishments, his latest being a promise of divine intercession if we'd only find a good source of hardwood for him.

Yours Sincerely,

Leonard G. Lee


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