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1982/83 Catalog Cover   1982/83 Woodworking Customer Letter
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Dear Customer,

Each year we try to add new tools to our catalogue and eliminate some which have problems. This year we find ourselves struggling to keep many tools which manufacturers are discontinuing. They are fine tools but the limited market for them and the difficult economic conditions have encouraged manufacturers to rationalize their lines. As one example, Record has discontinued production of the following planes: The 405 multiplane, the 050C combination plane, the #311 3-in-1 plane, the 020C circular plane, the 08 jointer plane and the 130 block plane. We have tried to get enough stock of all of these — except the 08 which we have never sold — to cover our expected requirements for this catalogue. However, if you always had a hankering for one of these, I would suggest you buy it this year. Next year they will all be collector's items. There have been numerous other changes in the industry, most of which are not as critical, but many of which have forced us to find new suppliers of specialized tools. In general, we have been able to compensate by having new products made to our own specifications, such as a number of the excellent water stones. At the same time, some good new products — the Leigh dovetail jig, for example — have become available.

Once again we managed to hold our prices for a full year but not without some pain. Just after our catalogue was printed last Fall, Canada Post announced a 70% postage rate increase. We are now changing our shipping rates to compensate for this, but we absorbed the increase since January. Prices have increased on most products but exchange rates have counterbalanced some (except American products), so the final result is that some prices are higher, some are lower and some the same. Once again, we will attempt to hold prices for a full year as we have before, but this depends upon too many factors for us to guarantee it.

A major upcoming cost increase is the transfer in January of 1983 of the federal sales tax from the manufacturing level to the wholesale level. This will increase our federal sales tax payments by 30 to 40%. However, since we seem to have budgets about every 76 months and each is less inspired than the last, we will have to wait and see what other changes occur before knowing the amount of any increase.

There are over 100 changes in text in this catalogue in response to customer comments. As one example, we misled a number of you last year with our photograph of the combination saw sharpener. It appeared from the photo that the saw vise was part of the deal and the description could easily have been construed to support this view. The vise shown has not been manufactured for years and the one we have is the only one I've ever seen. We changed the text.

With your help, we'll try to keep our act together for another year.

Yours Sincerely,

Leonard G. Lee


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