Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 4
August 2007
Landscaping Tips to Improve the Value of Your Home

Most homeowners know that landscaping improves their property's value. While there are many garden plans to choose from, there's no guarantee that all will appeal to potential homebuyers. Here are some of my observations from 25 years as a master gardener and professional real estate agent on how to increase your home's value using landscaping techniques.

Types of Landscaping Plans

  • The limited landscape: This plan appeals to the minimalist. It's basically lawn punctuated by a small number of front yard foundation bushes. Buyers may view this garden as unfinished and subtract potential landscaping costs from their offer price.

Minimalist garden
A minimalist garden may appeal to homebuyers who lack the time and the expertise to maintain an established garden; however, others may consider it a downfall and lower their offer price accordingly.

  • The xeriscape garden: This plan focuses on using water-efficient plants able to survive mostly on rainwater. Supplemental water should be unnecessary or minuscule. Increasing concern over water usage has compelled many homeowners to develop gardens that require limited watering. This type is usually found in front yards, but it's becoming more common in other areas of the property as well.
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