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   September 2010
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One of our newer members, who lives in Maine, must have been aware of your company and sent a link to the group showing us the bank hammer in your collection of old hand tools. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate both your interest in historical tools and being given the chance to see what they look like. The various cancellations found on pre-War and old Confederate money, indicate that there were all types of these tools. The design of the sharp implement on one end could vary a great deal.

Front of a cancelled 1862 $100 Confederate bill
  The front of a cancelled 1862 $100 Confederate bill

Back of a cancelled 1862 $100 Confederate bill
  The back of the same bill

I am attaching two images that show the front and the back of a cancelled 1862 $100 bill. It has four hammer cancels, two on each side and one above the other. The cutter was slightly different in that it was missing two edges; instead of having eight edges like your tool has, this one only had six. Perhaps it was designed that way, or perhaps one part had broken off. Most likely, it had fewer edges because it was damaged. The difference in this design (other than the damage) and your tool is that the center is circular.

Thanks again for sharing the images and the history of this hand tool.

Best Regards,
Col Crutch Williams CSA
Quinlan, Texas
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