Lee Valley Tools    Woodworking Newsletter
   Vol. 5, Issue 4
   March 2011
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  Gage chisel
  Gage chisel for cutting hinge recesses
As mentioned previously, this tool was only one part of a two-part submission for letters patent on a chisel and a chisel gauge. The second was certainly based on the foresight that a new tool was needed to work with the one described in the first patent. That the two submissions were done on the same day can be taken as a sign that Mr. Binkerd had seen the obvious need for a guide system to remove the waste after it had been marked out. In this case, the guide merely slipped over a chisel (not supplied) to regulate the depth of cut. The patent illustrations have been included for clarification, given the peculiarity of two patents being granted on the same day and with consecutive numbers. This makes misidentification possible, if not probable.

At this time, there are no examples of the second gauge in the Lee Valley collection.

D.S. Orr
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