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Specializing in high-quality woodworking machinery, Rikon has gained a reputation for producing sturdy, reliable benchtop lathes.

Both models we offer have substantial iron castings, giving them the mass needed to help dampen vibration, with carefully machined components for precise operation. All parts are made of metal, right down to their gyratory wrenches and locking levers.

Compared to many other benchtop lathes, they have greater stock-holding capacity both in swing and distance between centers, allowing you to turn larger bowls and longer spindles.

Each lathe has an extra-long 8" tool rest that reduces the need for frequent repositioning, and mounts on a non-slip banjo. They use a 1" x 8 tpi spindle and a #2MT headstock and tailstock for compatibility with a wide range of standard accessories. Both lathes are backed by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.


A. Mini Lathe (70-100)
The 1/2-horsepower 70-100 mini lathe is a good choice for the novice turner or those who predominantly work on small- to medium-scale pieces. It has a 12" swing and a maximum distance between centers of 16". At 89 lb, it is stable yet relatively easy to move and store, with a convenient carry handle at the headstock end.

To select from six speeds (430, 810, 1230, 1810, 2670 and 3600 rpm), you simply move the drive belt between stepped pulleys.

B. Midi Lathe (70-220VSR)
The more powerful 70-220 midi lathe is suited to heavier work, with a 12-1/2" swing and a maximum distance between centers of 20".

It weighs 115 lb and has a 1-horsepower motor, with a non-slip poly V-belt that efficiently transmits power and a motor controller that automatically increases torque to maintain the speed as load is applied.

Its digital controller makes adjusting spindle speed quick and convenient – just select a range (250 to 750 rpm, 550 to 1650 rpm or 1300 to 3850 rpm) by moving the drive belt between pulleys, then turn a knob to dial in a precise speed within that range. A digital display makes it easy to see the speed you've set.

There's no need to stop the lathe once you've begun working, so you can go from roughing out a piece straight through to finish-turning and sanding without interruption. You can also reverse rotation at the flick of a switch, allowing you to sand down lifted fibers for a finer surface finish.

Both lathes are fitted with a graduated indexing head for locking the spindle at regular increments (30° on the mini lathe and 15° on the midi).

Each comes with a four-spur drive center, a knock-out bar, a self-ejecting live center, spindle-locking wrench(es), a 3" faceplate and rear-mounted holders that keep the accessories within easy reach.

Other sizes of tool rest, along with a 6" faceplate for heavy, large-diameter blanks, are offered below.

Click here to view our complete selection of RikonŽ Lathes and Accessories.

A. Mini Lathe (70-100)   $495.00   Add to cartOnline: Available
B. Midi Lathe (70-220VSR)   $799.00   Add to cartOnline: Currently out of stock, expected January 22
C. Optional 4" Tool Rest for Mini Lathe   $19.00   Add to cartOnline: Available
D. Optional 6" Tool Rest for Mini Lathe   $26.00   Add to cartOnline: Currently out of stock, expected January 31
E. Optional 4" Tool Rest for Midi Lathe   $21.00   Add to cartOnline: Available
F. Optional 12" Tool Rest for Midi Lathe   $49.00   Add to cartOnline: Available
  Extra 3" Face Plate, 1" x 8 tpi   $19.50   Add to cartOnline: Limited quantities
  Optional 6" Face Plate, 1" x 8 tpi   $29.00   Add to cartOnline: Available
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