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Using this planing fixture, even those with no woodworking experience can easily transform a plain wooden blank into an elegant, finished chopstick in only a few minutes. It all happens in three easy steps.

First, a sloping cradle holds the wooden blank in position as you taper it using an included block plane. The plane has two skates that ride along tracks in the base, maintaining the correct cut angle while serving as depth stops, ensuring consistent results on all four sides. Then, to give the chopstick an octagonal tip, the blank is held in a V-groove as you chamfer the corners. Finally, the blank is placed in a holder to secure it as you use the plane to cut a traditional diamond finial end with four equal facets.

The kit includes a base, a cradle for chopsticks with 5mm tips, a 110mm aluminum-bodied block plane with depth skates, a 30 honing guide and an 8000x aluminum oxide abrasive sharpening strip. It also comes with 20 hardwood chopstick blanks and 10 cotton bags. Fun and satisfying to use, the kit produces superb results sure to impress dinner guests or anyone receiving the chopsticks as gifts.

Two accessory cradles are available separately. The 2mm tip cradle lets you create chopsticks with finer tips. The flat stock cradle is for thicknessing material up to 16mm wide, 270mm long and 1.5mm to 15mm thick, such as for inlay banding or kumiko.

We also offer replacement sharpening strips and clamping wedges (used to hold the wooden blank in the cradle). An adapter for the honing guide allows it to produce a 38° bevel, which yields a 50° cutting angle to reduce tearout in reversing or figured grain. The adapter also comes with a replacement blade for the block plane.

About Chopsticks

Traditionally referred to as zhu (箸) and commonly known as kuaizi (筷子) in modern Mandarin, chopsticks have rich historic and cultural significance in China and other Asian countries. Some of the oldest known examples are from the Shang Dynasty (c. 1600–1046 BC), but many scholars believe that their use dates back several centuries earlier.

Considered much more than dining utensils, they are frequently referred to in Asian folklore and have an array of symbolic associations that vary by region; they are widely associated with wishing happiness to others and are sometimes given as weddings gifts, either from guests to the wedded couple or vice versa.

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Chopstick Master™ Kit
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2mm Tip Cradle
$50.00 Add to cartOnline: AvailableNo store selected - Click to select "My Store"
Flat Stock Cradle
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Repl. 8000x Sharpening Strips, pkg. of 5
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Repl. Clamping Wedges, pkg. of 2
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38 Honing Guide Adapter
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