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These are the same high-quality table saws we use in all our stores and company workshops, chosen because they are exceptional saws that offer a safety feature unique in the industry: a braking system that can reduce a potentially severe injury to just a minor cut. Within 5 milliseconds of detecting contact between your skin and the saw blade, the braking system automatically stops the blade, then retracts it under the saw's table and shuts off power to the saw's motor. All of this happens quicker than the eye can see and certainly faster than anyone's ability to respond. Should the system ever activate, the cartridge used to stop the blade and the blade itself are easy to replace, allowing you and your table saw to return to normal operation in as little as 5 minutes.

To ensure the safety system is in working order, the saw runs a self-diagnostic every time you turn on the main power switch. If an issue is detected, a pattern of LED lights indicates its source. A temporary bypass mode allows you to cut electrically conductive materials, such as very green wood, that can cause false activations. If you're unsure about a particular piece of stock, you can make test cuts in bypass mode and the safety system's LEDs will tell you if the material would cause it to trigger when in normal mode.

Other safety features on all saws include a blade guard, a rip fence, a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, hands-free shut-down, and the ability to disable the power switch to prevent accidental or unsupervised activation.

While the SawStop safety system is unique and effective, these are also exceptional table saws that deliver excellent cut quality, accuracy and reliability in addition to unmatched peace of mind. Fences glide smoothly yet are rigid when locked, blade height and tilt adjustments are backlash-free, and dust collection is a priority, not an afterthought.

SawStop Saw Models & Accessories

Jobsite Saw
Contractor Saw
Professional Cabinet Saw
Industrial Cabinet Saw

Saw models in the contractor and cabinet styles are available, all with 5/8" arbors and left-tilting blade angle adjustment, and all using 10" blades. With its aluminum table, unique quick-action blade adjustment features and integrated mobility cart, the jobsite saw is designed to meet the light-weight, portability needs of both professional trades and hobbyists. SawStop's contractor saw is highly configurable with fence and table options aimed at transportability or more dedicated shop use. The heavier cabinet saws produce less vibration, which improves cut quality, and are equipped with a more advanced blade-positioning mechanism, improving accuracy. The professional cabinet saw is available in 1.75hp and 3hp versions. The industrial cabinet saw is SawStop's heaviest-duty saw; with over 200 lb of added robustness and 8 motor power variations, it delivers exceptional cut quality, precision, reliability and safety in demanding shop environments.

SawStop Accessories

Dust is an inevitable nuisance as well as a health hazard when woodworking. SawStop saws are designed to manage dust better than most. A shroud directly under the blade of every saw collects sawdust at its main source. A dust collection blade guard adds dust collection above the table; offered as standard equipment on saws of 3hp and above and an upgrade for the others. Both components have been designed to harness the momentum of the spinning saw blade to aerodynamically channel dust to integrated collection ports, enhancing the performance of your dust collection system.

Titanium-coated saw blades, replacement brake cartridges, mobility bases and other accessories are also available.


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