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Entertaining and educational, these digital monitoring cameras provide unique glimpses of remarkable events unfolding in your own back yard. They operate unattended, taking high-resolution photos that you can upload to a computer, print, e-mail to friends or post on the Internet. Both are straightforward to install, program and use – you don't have to be an expert photographer to capture stunning images. A rugged gasket-sealed housing protects against damage, moisture, heat and cold.

Each is supplied with complete instructions, a built-in tripod mount and optional hardware for mounting on a post or tree. Requires eight AA batteries and an SD memory card you supply. Images can be uploaded to a PC or digital TV; the cameras are also compatible with Wi-Fi SD cards (not included) so you can upload images wirelessly to a computer or the Internet right from the camera. USB and TV cables not included. For additional technical specifications, click on Tech below.

A. 8-MP Time-Lapse Camera

With this 8-megapixel camera, you can produce high-quality stop-motion imagery capturing a sequence of events as it unfolds over time. It automatically takes photos at intervals ranging from every 10 seconds, great for fast-moving events such as parties or sports, to once a day, suitable for capturing seasonal changes or other processes that occur over a longer span of time. These photos can then be made into a time-lapse video up to 5 minutes long, depending on the number of photos and the frame rate you choose.

You can adjust the focus from as little as 6", for close-up photography, to infinity, for long-distance landscape views. Measures about 6-1/2" tall by 4-1/2" wide by 2-3/4" thick.

B. BirdCam Pro® 20-MP Motion-Activated Camera

To help identify the bird species that frequent your feeders or the animals prowling your garden after dark, this 20-megapixel heat/motion-sensing camera snaps a photo when warm blooded animals (birds and mammals) enter its field of view, avoiding false triggers caused by windblown objects. It works day or night, automatically activating a built-in LED flash in low-light conditions. An integral 2" color preview screen eliminates guesswork when setting up the camera. (It also lets you review images before uploading them to a PC or digital TV.)

You can adjust the sensor's operating distance in a range from 6" to infinity, select from a range of shutter delay times, take time-lapse photos at controllable intervals, date- and time-stamp images for later reference, or even take short videos (up to 90 seconds) with optional sound.

Measures about 6-1/2" tall by 4-1/2" wide by 2-3/4" thick.

C. Camera Stake

As an alternative to mounting the camera on a tree or post, we offer a convenient three-pronged stake for positioning it about 36" above ground level. Made of painted steel, the stake has a mounting screw for attaching the camera by its integrated tripod mount, and an adjustment knob to position its angle.

Assembles without tools.

A.  8-MP Time-Lapse Camera
 AB956 Additional views  Technical Information 
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B.  BirdCam Pro® 20-MP Motion-Activated Camera
 AB957 Additional views   
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C.  Camera Stake
 AB959 Additional views   
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