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  Volume 11, Issue 3 - March 2016  
My Love Affair with Snowdrops
Like most gardeners, Gina Dobrodzicka has a list of favorite plants that is impressively long and amazingly changeable. However, her top favorites are consistent winners. One of them is a tiny gem of pristine beauty – the snowdrop. Read more...
Cathedral Grove
Cathedral Grove
MacMillan Provincial Park, located in central Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is home to a famous stand of colossal ancient Douglas fir trees. This stand, known as Cathedral Grove, is a sight to behold. Read more...
Make a Springtime Wreath
Make a Springtime Wreath
Gardener and blogger Karen Bertelsen
(www.theartofdoingstuff.com) shares how to make the perfect wreath for this time of year.
What Is It?
What Is It?
This peculiar-looking device was used in the kitchen for preservation purposes. Read more...
From The Garden
From the Garden
Another snowy scene as we patiently await the arrival of spring. See more...
Home and Garden 2016
Home and Garden 2016
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Lee Valley Library App or online.
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We would like to invite you to become part of a voluntary advisory panel that will help shape the future of our company. Read More...
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