Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 2
April 2007
Customer Letters

Dear Lee Valley,

This is the first time I've liked a product so much that I've written to say, "Thanks." The product in question is the reel lawnmower I purchased this past summer.

I'm the mother of a young child and until recently, her father mowed our lawn with a gas-powered mower, but he is no longer able to do it. When I took over the job, in addition to the noise and the smell of the power mower, I hated to use it because I couldn't keep an eye on my child, nor hear her while it was on. Therefore, I sold it and bought yours instead. It's a delight to use. I can easily mow our enormous lawn, while watching my daughter as she plays (not being frightened by the noise, she stays happily in view). I can even carry on a conversation with her – and I can do it without polluting the air or disturbing my neighbors.

In fact, my daughter herself is able to use it (with close supervision) and has informed me that in a few years, she will mow the lawn while I sit inside having a cup of tea. I can hardly wait!

So, congratulations on a great product.


Editor's Note: Of course, wearing proper shoes is recommended when you are actually mowing the lawn, unlike this young gardener, who is just proudly showing off her family's new possession.
  Future green thumb

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