Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 2
April 2007
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Big Color, Small Budget
Big Color, Small Budget
Want your neighbors to be amazed by the mesmerizing hues in your garden this season? A self-confessed color addict suggests ways to get the most vibrant plants for your money with surprising combinations of easy-to-grow plants that will make a big impact on your flowerbeds, not your budget. Read more...
Selecting Healthy Plants
Selecting Healthy Plants
The fun associated with purchasing new plants can be spoiled if they end up withering before your eyes. Following these tips can help you avoid this misfortune and ensure a bright future for your new garden additions. Read more...
How Plants Know When to Rise and Shine
Unpredictable weather patterns can cause sleepless nights for many gardeners. Learning more about how perennials cope with variable conditions can help put your mind at ease. Read more...
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