Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 3
June 2007
Ornamental Herbs

Garlic/Chinese chives (A. tuberosum)
  Interesting, flat leaves form lovely, green mounds covered by starry bursts of white flowers late in the season. The seed heads dry and last all winter long.

Garlic chives Garlic chives (Allium tuberosum) have lovely white blooms.
Wormwood, sagebrush and tarragon are all part of this family. These herbs contain aromatic compounds in the leaves and stems that provide antiseptic, disinfectant, culinary and repellent qualities. They are most noted for their lovely, silver foliage.

Southernwood, old man, lad's love, maiden's ruin (A. abrotanum)
  This shrub has small, finely divided, silver-green leaves that exude a lemony-pine scent. Use as an insect repellent in your closet.

Wormwood (A. absinthium)
  Its height – it commonly grows to approximately 5' or 1.5m – makes this plant a beautiful, gray-green focal point in the garden.

Powis Castle wormwood (A. 'Powis Castle')
  Feathery clouds of silver, gray-green foliage make it a showstopper in the garden. Try growing ornamental onions underneath for an interesting combination. Dried foliage smells like pine and is great as a rug or vacuum deodorant.

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