Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 3
June 2007
Ornamental Herbs

The world of herbs
Herbs are some of the toughest plants on the planet; in fact, they can be found growing under extremely harsh conditions. If you're looking to cultivate plants that don't require excessive coddling, herbs are a great choice. They generally need little watering, no additional fertilization and many naturally repel insect predators.

Herb garden
Any gardener – from the beginner to the advanced green thumb – can grow a thriving herb garden like the one shown here.

Climate change and herbs
Most of us experience information overload when we try to digest what scientists are telling us about global warming. Here's my attempt to simplify the information in terms of what it means to gardeners. The extra heat energy from the sun that's stored in our planet's oceans creates weather extremes. As gardeners, we can expect longer dry periods, heavier downpours, more severe winds (tornadoes and hurricanes) and more extreme temperature fluctuations, both higher and lower.

However, these erratic environmental conditions do not signal only doom and gloom, they're simply another challenge for gardeners to face. Preparation has always been the key to good gardening. In general, healthy soil, mulch that includes lots of organic material, good drainage and shelterbelts will help the entire garden.

Nature has already provided us with the right kinds of plants perfectly suited for some of the environmental trials to come. There are herbs for almost every growing condition - hot and dry, shady and wet, or mixtures of both shade and sun.


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