Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 3
June 2007
Container Gardening Made Simple

Recommended Annuals

  • Alyssum (Lobularia) can be used in smaller, flat containers to provide fragrant, tiny, continuous blooms.

  • Begonias have showy, double flowers. The tuberous variety (Begonia tuberhybrida) prospers in shade or sun. Remove it from the soil at the end of the growing season and store during the winter months.

  • Geraniums (Pelargonium) are attractive when planted in clumps. There are numerous varieties that yield continuous blooms. Deadheading is necessary.

  • Heliotrope (Heliotropium) is small with interesting foliage and a heavenly fragrance. It requires frequent watering.

  • Impatiens bloom abundantly in sun or shade and maintain a beautifully symmetrical shape. They're one of my favorites, since the initially small plants grow quickly and provide instant color.

  • Petunias provide color from the beginning of the growing season until mid-frost. There are numerous varieties with a multitude of bloom shades. Wave varieties don't require constant deadheading and lend much beauty to the containers.

  • In my opinion, Fanflower (Scaevola) undoubtedly is the most perfect container plant. It produces masses of blooms for months, and has graceful, pendulous leaves. Flowers range from white to pink to lilac, and require little care.

  • Dwarf snapdragons (Chaenorrhinum minus) lend an interesting texture to containers, especially when planted in groups of different colors. They too are continuous bloomers, and supply endless cuttings for arrangements.

Always remember when embarking on a container garden project to water often, especially if the pots are located in bright sunlight.

Wendy McGuire

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