Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 4
August 2007
What Is It?

Cherry Pitter

Cherry pitter in use.

The New Standard Corporation, based in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, manufactured the majority of its patented cherry pitters between 1910 and 1931. The version shown here is an example of a model #50. The date of manufacture is unknown.

The founder of the company, Michael Rollman, was known for having an intuitive knack for design and crafting. He is credited with designing over 100 devices, ranging from automobile construction to food choppers.

This particular tool is marked with, "patent pending". Mr. Rollman did file a patent (#686,139) for a "Cherry-Stoning Machine" in 1901. His stated objective was to provide a device that would extract the seed from the pulp without injuring the fruit or extracting much of its juice.

The device is quite simple to use. The bowl has a hole in the bottom - just below the piercing implement - that is large enough to allow the pit to pass through. After a cherry is placed in the receptacle below the piercing rod, the handle is pressed downward and the rod pushes the pit out and through the hole below.

Cherry pitter
  Piercing rod

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