Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 5
October 2007
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Excerpt from American Agriculturalist, Vol. XLI-No. 10, October 1882.

Autumn Reveries

Autumn Reveries


'Tis the golden time of all the year, the mellow month, when the "nut brown maid," October, bids the farmer gather in his bounteous store, and gently trips along with dancing feet, casting her shimmering veil of hazy blue o'er all the land, thus adding a fresh and wondrous charm to every smiling hill and vale. The sun shines upon the arid meadows, now bereft of all their glory—there, with a Crœsus finger turning the maples to purest gold, and here, creeping through the interlacing boughs to kiss a sweet-faced maiden-wrapt in an autumn revery.

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