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  Volume 12, Issue 12 - December 2017  
What Is It?
What Is It?
This newspaper log roller provides a handy way to use up old newspapers in a constructive manner. To use the roller, insert one or more sheets of newspaper into the slot in the central cylinder and turn the handle to roll the paper. Continue to add sheets of newspaper until the log reaches the desired size.

There are two methods for rolling the newspaper logs. The first involves rolling dry sheets of newspaper to form a looser log that burns quickly – for starting fires, for example. To keep the log together, simply tie it with a string.  The second method involves rolling dampened sheets of newspaper to form a tighter log that burns more slowly and for longer periods of time. You can dampen the sheets using a sponge, but one user told us that he added water to the bottom of the trough to dampen the paper as it was being wound around the central cylinder. The log obviously needs to dry thoroughly before it's lit.
What Is It?   What Is It?
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