Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 3, Issue 1
February 2008
What Is It?
  Planet Jr. No. 2 Edger  
  Planet Jr. No. 2 Edger  
  This lawn edger features a sharp rolling wheel (similar to a pizza cutter), which slices through sod and soil to create lines of demarcation between lawn and laneway. S.L. Allen Co., manufacturer of Planet Jr. farm and garden implements, produced the edger. The date of manufacture is unknown.  
Samuel Leeds Allen (1841-1918) of Cinnaminson, New Jersey, established the S.L. Allen Co. in 1860. Born to a prominent Quaker family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he patented numerous agricultural tools, including a potato digger, a seed drill, a fertilizer distributor, an animal trap and numerous cultivators.
While he was a prolific inventor of agricultural tools and implements, Allen's most recognizable invention was a twin-runner snow sled that could be controlled by steering. Called the "Flexible Flyer", it was patented in the United States in 1889. Although it took some time to catch on, the sled eventually sold well and its logo (an eagle and a red arrow) became a famous trademark. More important for Allen, who was allegedly renowned for being a pioneer employer, production of the sled provided work for his skilled employees during the winter months.
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