Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 3, Issue 4
August 2008
Shade Gardening
  To avid gardeners, shade may conjure images of black-hole patches under trees, or midnight oblong cutouts huddled against the north side of a home capable of sustaining few types of vegetation.

Shade gardens are best described as those receiving less than four hours of sunlight per day, either filtered sunlight, due to dense leaf canopies, or deprived sunlight in a foundation setting.

In the past, these gardens were limited to few varieties of green, flowerless hostas or ferns. However, the increased popularity of shade gardens has resulted in the discovery that an oasis of plants, including newer, colorful hostas, can be cultivated in light-lacking areas
Shade garden
Light-lacking areas can be just as vibrant and attractive as other parts of your garden.
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