Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 3, Issue 4
August 2008
Interesting Reads

Excerpt from How the Farm Pays: The Experiences of Forty Years of Successful Farming and Gardening, 1884.

Cuthbert raspberry
The culture of the raspberry is almost identical with that of the blackberry, except that they may be planted one-third closer, and that in some sections the raspberry is not quite so hardy, and it is better to take the precaution of laying the shoots down close to the ground in the fall, being careful not to break them, and covering them up with corn stalks, straw, leaves or litter.
This should not be done, however, until the weather is quite cold, say, in the latitude of New York, the first week of December. The covering may be from three to six inches thick, and should not be removed in the spring until the middle of April, as, if removed too soon, the shoots, which would then be beginning to start, might be hurt by the late spring frosts.

Gregg raspberry
The Gregg Raspberry
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