Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 3, Issue 5
October 2008
Customer Letters
  Dear Lee Valley,

I visited the letters section on your website where several interesting ideas are available. Let me add one more as my contribution to this already impressive collection.

The following suggests an additional use for your deer fly patch. It is a simple and effective invention; however, once the deer fly season is over, one is often left with some unused patches. The summer may be over, but fall brings the fruit flies indoors. The annoying critters can be captured using the trap shown in figure 1. This simple trap uses a 250ml preserve jar with a deer fly patch placed inside as shown.
Figure 1   Figure 2
Figure. 1   Figure 2
  Figure 2 is an enlarged view showing a few fruit flies captured in the trap. One can also see a piece of tomato at the bottom of the jar. This acts as bait. If many fruit flies are present, a peek into the jar may reveal that some are still on the bait. In this case, put the lid on the jar and move it a little bit. This will activate the fruit flies and increase the capture rate.

So, at no additional cost, the use of an already very useful invention can be extended...

J. B.
Munster Hamlet, Ontario
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