Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 4, Issue 2
April 2009
Customer Letters
  Dear Robin Lee,

Some years ago, I wrote a fan letter to your father telling him how much I enjoyed the Lee Valley catalog, the item commentaries and particularly his letters to the customers. I thought that, in fairness, I should send this to you to tell you that you've kept tradition alive and well and the enjoyment ratio is equally high.

This time around, I'm also sending kudos for one of your products that I've been using successfully for years. The Soft-Touch Grippers are a wonderful aid for those of us living alone who are (or should be) beyond the climbing age and whose kitchen cupboards were originally designed for taller, younger, abler people. However, during the past weeks, they have solved another and more exciting problem. My house and its immediate surroundings have become the hunting grounds for a pair of rat snakes, which, you may have heard, are becoming endangered and therefore should be protected. Since rake handles, garden shovels and push brooms failed to help, and stark panic was imminent, I thought of the grippers (I have the 40" length, thank heaven) and presto, the problem was solved. Your claim that they will never crush what they're holding is perfectly true; their reach keeps a 5' specimen out of range and their tossing capabilities are excellent. I most enthusiastically recommend them in such situations.
  Soft-Touch Grippers  
My thanks once more to the entire Lee Valley contingent.

M. M. L.
Godfrey, Ontario
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