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Excerpt from American Agriculturalist, Volume 38, 1879.

A New Variegated Tea Rose—"American Banner"

The most striking novelty that we have met with in our long experience with plants, is represented in the engraving. For the first time, so far as we can ascertain, we have obtained a Tea Rose distinctly striped with crimson and white, and at the same time retaining all the valuable qualities of its class—delicacy of color and texture, exquisite fragrance, and continuous bloom.
We have long had striped varieties of the hardy garden roses, such as "York and Lancaster," etc., but these
  Variegated Tea Rose
Variegated Tea Rose—"American Banner"
flower only once, and having
but little merit are not generally known. This new variety originated in 1877 with George Cartwright, Esq., of Dedham, Mass., who states that this appeared as a "sport" upon the well known crimson Tea Rose—-
"Bon Silene." The leaf, from the axil of which the sporting shoot started, showed in one-half the leathery foliage of the "sport" while the other half had the foliage peculiar to "Bon Silene." We have frequently, in other plants, similar variations in the color of flowers; for example, it is quite common to find one shoot of Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis bearing orange colored, and other having crimson flowers, but the foliage in such cases remains unchanged.

Again, we have Carnations bearing at one time on the same plant, both plain scarlet flowers, and those striped with scarlet and white. So with Dahlias, Verbenas, Petunias, and scores of other plants; but in all of these the flowers only vary, the foliage does not. In the case of this new striped Rose, the distinct change in foliage is to me more marvellous than even that in the flower. We have named this Rose "American Banner," as the colors are very nearly those of the stripes of our National flag. When a name can be to some extent descriptive also, it is always, we think, of advantage.

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