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Excerpt from American Agriculturalist, Volume 38, 1879.

A Ladder for the Orchard

Orchard ladder

In the course of years we have published many styles of fruit or orchard ladders; some of these were for the conversion of an ordinary ladder, into one suited for orchard work, and others have been special contrivances, useful for fruit picking, and for scarcely anything else. We now give one for which a very neat sketch, and the measurements were sent by "A.C.," who, while he gave his full name, omitted to write his address, and we only know from the more than usually blind post-mark, that he is somewhere in Illinois.

The engraving plainly shows the affair—a ladder mounted upon a two-wheeled wheelbarrow. The brief directions point out the following points to be observed in building it. The axle for the wheels, in order to give as broad a base as possible, and avoid the danger of its tipping sideways, should be as long as will allow it to pass through the gates upon the farm. To avoid tipping forward, it should be so built that a plumb-line dropped from the top of the ladder will strike the axle. The shafts (C) should hinge under the axle, near the wheels; where they are bolted to the ladder the holes should be large to give some play, and they should extend far enough back to afford convenient handles. The standards, B, are bolted to the shafts, C, at a point one-third the distance from the axle to the foot of the ladder, and are attached to the ladder at a point three-fourths of its length from the base.

Our correspondent writes that if one has a pair of wheels, such a ladder will cost from $2 to $3, more than a common one, and gives it as his experience that "it beats the world in an orchard or a stack yard."

Editor's Note: This is a reprint of an article published in 1879. It describes what was recommended in accordance with the knowledge and practices of the day. While reading it, please consider this fact.

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