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   Vol. 5, Issue 2
   April 2010
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Dear Lee Valley,

A few years ago I visited the Lee Valley store in Ottawa and purchased a soaker irrigation system (at a very reasonable price, in my opinion) for my raised bed garden in Kodiak, Alaska. A very patient employee helped me immensely — he gave lots of useful design suggestions and set me up with everything that I needed. He was very interested in how we garden here in Alaska, and asked me to send photos of the system when I got it in place.
So here you go! The system sat in our shed for two years because we had too many other projects going (and our wells at the time weren't producing enough water to support an irrigation system).

I pulled it out about a month ago, and re-visited my ideas and design plan. I was amazed at how well it all came together. Every part fit together exactly as the instructions said it would, and the directions in your free Irrigation Design Guide booklet were straightforward, complete, and easy to follow. I had the whole thing put in with about 10 hours of work. I have 10 raised beds in a fenced-in roughly rectangular garden about 75' x 25' (most beds are 8' x 4', but two are 10' x 4').

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