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   Vol. 5, Issue 2
   April 2010
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Excerpt from Popular Mechanics: Shop Notes, Volume 16, 1920.

To Keep Animals from Molesting the Garbage Can

The refuse pail in the back yard is attractive to cats and dogs, and sometimes to rats. Often the pail is thus tipped and the refuse spread on the ground. The contrivance illustrated remedies this condition. The pail is placed near a clothes post or fence; a narrow strip is hinged to the post, level with the top of the pail. A second strip is hinged above the first at about the angle shown.

When both strips are down, the upper one falls and rests on the lower, checking it from being raised unless the upper one is raised first. To release the pail, raise the upper strip; then raise the lower strip to engage the cleat on the upper one.

Editor's Note: This is a reprint of an article published in 1920. It describes what was recommended in accordance with the knowledge and practices of the day. While reading it, please consider this fact.

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