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   June 2010
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Excerpt from American Agriculturalist, Volume 41, March, 1882.

The Globe Sunflower

Globe Sunflower

Not long ago there appeared in the European catalogues Helianthus globosus fistulosus, and it is now offered by our seedsmen. Two names are all that any plant ought to have, and the first two of these may be translated into "Globe Sunflower," which is short and descriptive. What fistulosus (hollow) applies to it we are not quite sure, but probably to the quilled form of the florets. At all events, the engraving shows it to be a sunflower that is trying to look as much unlike a sunflower as possible. We are not told anything about its origin, but as it is an annual it is likely to be a variety of the common sunflower, Helianthus annuus, in which the disk is filled with ray flowers, and the very convex receptacle gives the head a form approaching the globular. It is said to grow about three feet high, and to bloom profusely. When an abundance of yellow is desired to mix with and warm up other and more somber colors, this will no doubt afford a ready means of providing it.

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