Lee Valley Tools    Gardening Newsletter
   Vol. 5, Issue 4
   August 2010
   Vacation in the Tropics Right in Your Own Garden

A vacation-like spot at home
You can create a vacation-like spot at home with just a few simple touches — comfortable patio furniture, container plants and (hopefully) lovely summer weather.

Did you miss your tropical vacation this year? Don't fret; create an island-inspired getaway on your deck or patio instead. You can sip summer drinks under waving palm trees and beside blooming hibiscus, and you'll even be able to afford to take all your friends with you. Imagine, a tropical paradise right outside your back door.

Start with a nice patio set. If your terrace has decorative stone or brick, clean it and leave it exposed. But if you have a wooden deck and it needs a little pizzazz, add an indoor/outdoor rug. Make sure you have enough side tables, stools or even decorative boxes or tubs to place beside each chair. You'll need them for setting down your summer beverages.

Next, you'll require several large pots. Choose colors and styles that make you think of sun and fun — turquoise, orange, white, sand. You might also invest in pot stands with wheels, so they can be easily moved once they're filled with soil.

Terracotta pots are less expensive and allow air to pass from outside to the roots, although they dry out quickly. Plastic pots are lighter and retain moisture longer, but you must be careful not to drown the plant roots. Cast iron, copper and wood can be very heavy but hold moisture well.

Now for the fun part — choosing the plants that will bring the tropics home. Think color, think fragrance and think large.

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