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   Vol. 5, Issue 4
   August 2010
   Customer Letters

Dear Lee Valley,

I found the Pop-Up Net Shelter at the Lee Valley store. I realize that it is sold as a plant protector, but after buying and using mine I have a different suggestion for it (and my friends think it is a great idea also).

After going to numerous pet stores and veterinarians searching for bug spray for our dog to no avail, I found this treasure in the Calgary store. We go hiking in the backcountry, and after a hard day of trekking my dog needs a wee rest before the adventure continues. Usually she is bedeviled by the bugs and mosquitoes. Your Pop-Up Net Shelter was a godsend. It's light, compact and it sets up anywhere without having to tie it to trees. The pegs were wonderful, as it was windy and I could tie it down. She loved it, I loved it, the people out in the mountains loved it....

Pop-Up Net Shelter

I have some friends who go on picnics a lot and their infant son is stuck in the covered baby stroller because of the bugs. With this net shelter, he can be laid on a blanket and be with everyone else.

I have never found such an all-round effective piece of merchandise for all-purpose uses.

Thank you again for your product.

Yours truly, always a satisfied customer,
Langdon, Alberta

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