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   Vol. 5, Issue 5
   October 2010
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Dear Lee Valley,

I was recently struck by how useful I've found the S-Biners™ you sell and by the number of different uses to which I've put them. They turn out to be far slimmer than the ordinary round-profile carabiners and they work in a number of applications that I hadn't even considered when I ordered them, somewhat on a whim (even the largest fits into an ordinary zipper hole, for instance).

S-Biners™ used for various purposes.

I thought I would pass along a photo showing how I use my set of four. Most of these uses would not be possible with ordinary carabiners, no matter how small — a garage-door opener (through a small hole drilled in one corner), a USB memory stick on my key chain, a pocket watch, even a hanging basket of potatoes in our pantry (not shown).

Thanks for your help, and keep finding products like this!

Hugh Gibbins
Calgary, Alberta

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