Lee Valley Tools    Gardening Newsletter
   Vol. 6, Issue 1
   February 2011
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Hard-to-Grow Plants Hard-to-Grow Plants
No matter where you live, it's the plants that struggle to thrive that seem to be the most admired and the most interesting to grow. Learn how one gardener who likes to push her plant-hardiness-zone boundary overcomes her climatic obstacles. Read more...
Growing Edible Mushrooms
Growing Edible Mushrooms in Your Back Yard
Forestry technician Ken Fosty guides you through the steps to successfully growing edible specialty mushrooms on fallen logs. Read more...
  Training to Be a Horticulturalist
It takes more than just a green thumb to become a professional horticulturalist; it also requires a lot of theoretical and hands-on training in all aspects of outdoor and indoor horticulture. Read more...
   What's New in Gardening
Traditional Japanese Bonsai Tools

Traditional Japanese
Bonsai Tools
Wire Tensioning System

Wire Tensioning
Flex Scraper

Forged Japanese Trowels

Japanese Trowels
Kamik Rain Boots

Rain Boots
Wireless Rain Gauge

Rain Gauge
Eden: Creative Gardener's Software

Eden: Creative
Gardeners' Software
Radius Ergonomis Stainless-Steel Edger

Radius® Ergonomic
SS Edger

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