Lee Valley Tools    Gardening Newsletter
   Vol. 6, Issue 1
   February 2011
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Excerpt from American Agriculturalist, Volume 35, June 1876.

Some Household Conveniences by L.D. Snook, Yates Co., N.Y.

  Egg Beaters

EGG-BEATERS.—Various styles of egg-beaters are sold in the stores, and do their work satisfactorily, but probably half the house-keepers are without any beater at all, but beat the eggs with a common fork or table spoons. An affair similar to the beaters herewith illustrated, will be found greatly superior to the fork or spoon, and quite as useful as some of the patented kinds; it can be made in a few minutes by almost any one, and will be found well worth the little trouble required. That shown in figure 1 is the simplest form; four moderately stiff wires, B,B, are inserted with holes made in handle A, the ends being curved over as shown in the engraving. The total length of each wire is 9 inches, and the length of the bow or curve, 2 inches, if at the curve the two inside wires be bent so as to stand one-quarter of an inch above the outside ones, it will be more effective. The one in figure 2 is so plainly shown that a description is not needed.


WIRE CORK-PULLER.—When a cork has in any manner found its way inside a bottle, it should be removed before the bottle is used again. It may be easily extracted by means of a cork-puller like that shown in figure 3. It is made by attaching a piece of steel wire, 1 foot long, to a bit of wood 3-1/2 long and 3/4 of an inch in diameter. To use it, force the bow part into the bottle and reverse the bottle so that the cork will be caught by the bow, when it may be readily pulled out. A bit of hoop skirt wire will answer in place of round wire.

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