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   Vol. 6, Issue 2
   April 2011
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Garden Bullies: The Bold and the Beautiful
The Bold and the Beautiful
Experienced gardeners know them too well — plants that are beauties as well as bullies. They are the bold and the beautiful of the botany world. Master gardener Gina Dobrodzicka describes her experiences dealing with some of them. Read more...
The Carefree Gardener's Guide to Daylilies
The Carefree Gardener's Guide to Daylilies
Daylilies are a hardy perennial suitable for any garden. Some even describe them as perfect. For the gardener who prefers low-maintenance plants, they're a botanical dream come true. Read more...
  Horticultural Therapy
Many gardeners argue that getting their hands dirty is not only good for the garden, but also good for the soul. In fact, participating in horticultural activities as a form of therapy may benefit people living with various mental and physical challenges. Read more...
   What's New in Gardening
DIY Rainwater Reservoir Kit

DIY Rainwater
Reservoir Kit
Potted Plant Supports

Potted Plant
Mega Clamp™

PVC Connectors

Lightweight Women's Work Gloves

Lightweight Women's
Work Gloves
Transfer Siphon Pump

Siphon Pump
80-Litre Water Bag

Water Bag
Shingle and Riving Froe

Shingle and
Riving Froe

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