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   Vol. 6, Issue 4
   August 2011
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Dear Lee Valley,

I just wanted to share an idea with you about a use for a product that you sell that differs from its intended purpose. The idea is simple: use your fence-mount sprinkler kit (XB820) as a starting point for a kids' spray park. The fine mist is great because the water is not freezing cold on a hot day. You add the sprayers wherever you need, and it's just fun.

Fence-mount sprinkler kit
The fence-mount sprinkler kit shown as it is intended to be used.

I attached mine around an old trampoline we were going to throw out. I removed the springs and netting and tie-wrapped the hose around the ring of the frame. I stood the old frame on its side and added the nozzles where needed to mist the kids. We call this our ring of fire, and the kids love it. This kit can be added to slides, swings etc. for a nice cooling mist. At a reasonable price, it will provide endless entertainment. (I am thinking of making my own "Slip 'N Slide®" later with a better spray pattern than what you can buy in the stores.)

Have fun, enjoy the summer, be a kid.

The Schneider family

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