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   Vol. 6, Issue 5
    October 2011
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Dear Lee Valley,

Louie en route
Louie en route to his hiking destination in the Ultimate Carryall.

I have had my Ultimate Carryall (XD525) for some time. I live in a small town, isolated in the Pacific North Coast. Also, I have a very lazy 16 lb French bulldog named Louie. My husband and I hike a lot, often on very rough ground, and Louie will not walk very far; so in the buggy he goes! He loves it and when he's tired, he puts his front legs up on the buggy to be let in. Then, as we pull him, he puts his front legs up on the handles and looks around as he is pulled like a king throughout his kingdom. Then he sleeps in his buggy. I can put his doggie bags, water and treats in the pockets (as well as our extra jackets, hats, etc.).

The wheels are tough enough to take all kinds of terrain. We've climbed mountains with him in the cart! We just did a 40-day trip across Canada, from Prince Rupert, British Columbia, to Prince Edward Island (PEI) and back (15,800km), and Louie was wheeled over trails from the Cabot Trail to Dinosaur Provincial Park, from PEI beaches to rugged trails north of Lake Superior.

I enclose a photo of him on a Pembina River Provincial Park trail.

Settling in for a nap   Goodnight Louie
After an exhausting trip, Louie settles in for a nap.   Sleepy time for Louie


Vicky Grainger
Prince Rupert, British Columbia

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