Lee Valley Tools    Gardening Newsletter
   Vol. 6, Issue 5
   October 2011
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Ornamental Evergreens
Ornamental Evergreens
The many shapes, sizes, colors and textures of ornamental evergreens can be used in numerous ways in the garden. Whether their function is utilitarian or decorative, they add interest throughout the seasons. Read more...


Designing a Country Garden
Designing a Country Garden
Creating a country landscape, where space is often not a limiting factor, can be a challenge. While the effort may be great, the results can be spectacular. Read more...
Time to Say Goodbye
Time to Say Goodbye
For many gardeners, saying goodbye to the growing season is difficult, let alone saying goodbye to a garden forever. Find out how one gardener did so. Read more...
   What's New in Gardening
Sickle Knife

Dry-Weight Measuring Cup

Measuring Cup
Ceramic Bird Home

Bird Home
Mini Digital Kitchen Scale

Mini Digital
Kitchen Scale
    What's New in Gifts
Dynamo & Solar Weather Radio

Dynamo & Solar
Weather Radio
The Original Slinky, Collectors Edition

The Original
Veritas P920 Plumb Bob

Veritas® P920
Plumb Bob
Lee Valley Ornaments

Lee Valley

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