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   Vol. 7, Issue 1
   February 2012
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Ornamental Evergreens
Designing a Wonderful Winter Garden
In some climates, the winter season can be just as long as the summer season, so it must be planned for carefully. Though icy blasts and snow may alter the garden, it can still be an inspiring and interesting landscape. Horticulturalist Frank Kershaw explains how. Read more...
Designing a Country Garden
A Beginner's Guide to Greenhouses
While waiting for spring to arrive, what gardener doesn't think how great it would be to have a greenhouse? If you're one of them, here are some tips to consider.
Time to Say Goodbye
Time to Say Hello
When gardener Gina Dobrodzicka moved across the country and into a previously owned home, she took over a garden that was anything but her ideal. Here's how she transformed it. Read more...
   What's New in Gardening
Silky Sugoi 360 Pruning Saw

Silky Sugoi
360 Pruning Saw
Seed Packet Stakes

Seed Packet
Soil Block Molds

Soil Block
Radius® Ergonomic Soil Scoop

Radius® Ergonomic
Soil Scoop
Fabric Pots & Planters

Fabric Pots
& Planters
Dual-Batch Rolling Composter

Rolling Composter
Mini Weed Torch

Weed Torch
Cedar Potting Bench

Potting Bench

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