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   Vol. 7, Issue 1
   February 2012
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Excerpt from American Agriculturist, Volume 41, 1882

"Perfection" Pruning Shears

The fact that year after year new patterns of pruning shears appear at home and abroad would indicate that the perfect implement had not yet been invented. To one who needs to use such shears only occasionally and for but a few minutes at a time, it makes but little difference what the pattern, if they are only sharp and can make a clean cut. But if one has to work the whole day, and perhaps several days, he finds that the comfort of working depends largely upon what may seem trifles in the construction of the shears.

Aside from good cutting blades, the spring, while it opens promptly, should not be so strong as to require an unnecessary amount of force to close them. The handles should be large enough to fill the hand comfortably, and be without any edges or sharp angles. The catch to keep the blades closed when not in use is generally near the ends of the handles, and is very often much in the way, and sometimes contrived with so little forethought that it may pinch or wound the hand if the operator is not on his guard.

A new style of pruning shears

We have inspected a recently imported French implement that appears to have avoided the usual faults. As will be seen by the engraving, the structure is exceedingly simple; the end of one handle is prolonged and turned up to form the spring, thus doing away with a separate spring. The handles are broad and fit the hand well, while the usually troublesome catch, very strong and simple, is up near the pivot where it can do no harm.

It would seem hardly possible to go any further in the direction of simplicity.

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