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   Vol. 7, Issue 3
   May 2012
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Dear Lee Valley,

Re: Rock Rake

By now I'm sure that you have received the form letter from my spouse asking you not to sell me any more tools, as she claims I haven't used all the tools I already have. I thought I would send you photo proof that I do use the tools I purchase from you, even the gardening tools (woodworking is my first choice of application).

If you look at the first photo, it shows the harvest from planting a small tree. (I did use a 1/2" screen to pull the smaller rocks). It even shows that I'm using the tabletop tarp, although on the ground. To prove that this isn't a tool that has an easy life, the second photo shows the previous seasons' harvests.

Rock rake   Rocks

So, I hope I have proven to your satisfaction that I do use the tools I buy from you, and that you will not heed my wife's baseless plea to cut me off from further transactions.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Sammamish, Washington

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