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   Vol. 7, Issue 3
   May 2012
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Excerpt from American Agriculturist, Volume 38, 1879

The "Greenback" Wheelbarrow

A few days ago our attention was arrested by a peculiar, flat, rectangular, green package standing in front of A. B. Cohu's farm implement ware rooms, 197 Water St., City, and upon inquiry found it to be a wheelbarrow "done up" and ready for shipment. By removing two nuts and a single bolt the barrow can be folded up in a very short time, so that it will occupy but a small part of its original space. It seems to us that this advantage of folding up is an important one to the farmer and gardener, as, when the season's work is done, the wheelbarrow — a useful implement which every farmer should have, and one that is seldom properly cared for — can be folded up and put away on a rack, or even hung up, out of the way. Mr. C. finds the folding barrow an important feature, in shipping, as the freight is not over one-third that on ordinary barrows, and as he is sending them to many parts of Asia, South America, Australia, etc., the saving is considerable. The first figure shows the barrow folded as we first saw it, and when ready for use it appears as in figure 2.

Fig. 1 - The Barrow Folded.
Fig. 2 - Barrow Ready For Use.
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