Lee Valley Tools    Gardening Newsletter
   Vol. 7, Issue 5
   August 2012
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Water-Smart Xeriscape Gardening
Water-Smart Xeriscape Gardening
In many areas, concern over water conservation has intensified due to changing weather patterns and the costs associated with water treatment and delivery. It's not surprising that using water wisely in our gardening practices is of key importance. Read more...
A Beautiful Garden — Dirt Cheap!
A Beautiful Garden — Dirt Cheap!
Anyone can have a gorgeous garden, even those working with a limited budget. Gardener Leah Walker tells you how to get a garden you'll love without spending a lot of green. Read more...
Starting a Scree Garden
Starting a Scree Garden
Also known as a rock garden, this is a low-maintenance, drought resistant garden that's ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle and limited outdoor space.
    What's New in Gardening
Canning and Cooling Rack

Canning and
Cooling Rack
Lawn Chair Webbing

Lawn Chair
Reader's Digest New Guide to Gardening

Reader's Digest New
Guide to Gardening
Folding Shovel

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