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   Vol. 7, Issue 8
   November 2012
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Dear Lee Valley,

This letter is a great story that I wanted to share with you about one of your products. I work for a small company located on Vancouver Island called Shea Butter Market owned by Gifty Serbeh-Dunn. We have a skin care line that is based on organic shea butter that comes to us from women's micro-businesses in Ghana.

  Ms. Jaama with her dynamo worklight
  Ms. Jaama with her dynamo worklight
Gifty helped start the micro-businesses in her village of Wa and in doing so, she has forged connections between women here on Vancouver Island and the women in Ghana. I am fortunate enough to be partnered with one of them, Andaara Jaama. Andaara is a hardworking elderly woman whose eyesight is failing her.

Gifty recently returned to Ghana for a visit, and I sent one of your dynamo worklights with her to give to Andaara. I had just learned that the village has no electricity, so the nights are very long. From the story Gifty tells, Andaara was beside herself with joy. All the other women shared in her joy and were fascinated with this new "contraption". Because of her poor eyesight, her days were even shorter. Now only she and the chief have light. (Gifty brought the chief a light, too!) Of course, as is the way of the village she will share, but it is hers to share. Before Gifty left to come home, Andaara insisted that a picture be taken of her with her light. I am attaching this picture.

It is actually beyond my comprehension that at this time, with the resources we are blessed with, there are people who are in darkness when the sun goes down and that for $15, I was able to bring hours of vision to one of them. I was thrilled to find a product that would last even in those remote conditions. I love that it does not need batteries and runs with a simple hand crank. Also, the LED bulbs are guaranteed to last her 10 years, by which time you may have a store nearby!

Thank you for making it so easy for me to give so much.

In gratitude,
Mill Bay, British Columbia
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