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   Vol. 7, Issue 9
   December 2012
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Dear Lee Valley,

My father spent 40 years dedicated to the E.B. Eddy Company pulp and paper mill (formerly the J.R. Booth mill prior to 1946 and now owned by Domtar). Before retiring due to ill health in the mid 1960s, he worked primarily on the log-drive operations, located on the Lower Ottawa River across from Parliament Hill on the Hull, Quebec, side.

The slippery, frozen surfaces he worked on called for some sort of safe footwear. Hence the ice grabbers came into play. (They were not company issued.)

Ice grabbers

I joined E.B. Eddy's myself in the late 1950s and worked into the early 1960s. Having the ice grabbers passed on to me, I wore them with great success since I did the same job — three-season operations by the river.

My father acquired these from ice cutters who worked on the Ottawa River during the winter months cutting ice blocks for the icebox days of the 1930s and 1940s era.

Ottawa, Ontario

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