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  Volume 8, Issue 10 - October 2013    
Customer Letter
Hello Lee Valley,

We recently bought a faucet extension (EP746), as our wall faucet is located under a deck and hard to get at. We thought your extension would be a perfect solution to our problem. When we went to install it (poke it into the ground), we found that it would end up being too low and hard to reach (alas, as we age our bendy parts aren't as cooperative as we'd like), so we came up with this solution.

I took a 4x4 post and screwed it to a base made from 2x4s and then caulked the joints (top and bottom). For the top, I drilled two holes (1/2" in diameter) about 6" deep into the post to accept the prongs of the extension. They sit quite happily there and are deep enough that turning the faucet doesn't cause them to pull up or slip. As an added feature, I (at my wife's suggestion) added a post cap to finish things off.

Faucet extension (EP746)

In the winter, I can bring in just the extension or the whole unit. (Our plan though is to have the base in a semi-permanent location.) Being able to bring in the faucet without moving the base will really help get things going come spring. Caulking the hole openings prevents water from going down into the holes. If you do it sparingly, you can still pull out the faucet come fall/winter without too much trouble.

The only thing I would change would be to position the faucet face down. Having it come straight out makes putting on a second hose somewhat cumbersome. (It sticks out further than I'd like.)

Thanks for such a great product.

Dave Wright
Kelowna, British Columbia

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