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  Volume 8, Issue 11 - November 2013    
Interesting Tool
Interesting Tool

The spatula shown here would certainly come in handy for many of us who are making mass quantities of Christmas cookies at this time of year. Minnie Greene and Lois Udey of El Segundo, California, obviously had the same thought. They patented this utensil in 1935 (U.S. patent #2,063,432) with the intention of providing "an implement adapted for use in lifting meats or fowl from pans or roasters, in turning cakes, and other varied uses in the culinary art". Not only is the spatula adaptable for lifting foods of varying sizes, it's also "simple in construction, economical to manufacture, highly efficient in use, durable and exceedingly sanitary".

The handle is made of wood, while the rest of the spatula is constructed of stainless steel. To release the two additional blades, you simply pull the lever attached to the neck of the stationary blade toward the handle.

Interesting Tool
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