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  Volume 8, Issue 12 - December 2013  
Interesting Read
Excerpt from The American Girl's Handy Book by Lina Beard and Adelia B. Beard, Algrove Publishing, 2001. (Originally published in 1898.)

A Scrap-bag

Scrap-bags have been fashioned in many shapes and sizes, and of all sorts of material, still it remains to be shown in what manner Christmas cards may add in decoration and beauty to these useful articles. From your collection choose four cards of the same size, then on a piece of bright silk or cloth sew the cards at equal distances apart, as in Fig. 220, stitching them around the edges on the sewing-machine. At the dotted line fold over the top of the bag as if for a hem, making the narrow fold lap just cover the upper edge of the card; stitch this down to form a binding.

Fig. 220 - Patern of Scrap-bag.

After joining the bag at the dotted lines on the sides, gather the bottom up tight and fasten to it a good-sized tassel; then sew on each side a heavy cord with tassels placed where the cord joins the bag, as seen in Fig. 221. The cord and tassels of the example were made of scarlet worsted.

Fig. 221 - Scrap-bag
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